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the space inbetween

MARCH 2018


When I look up at the sky at night, the expanse of our macrocosm is so inconceivable that it becomes an abstraction I perceive as both spatial/locational perception, and that can lead me to consider the intersection of time and space. When I look at microbial forms, I see the same kind of sublime, primeval magic that suggests the vast history of our existence within abstract and unimaginable boundaries.

My paintings seek to explore the largeness and smallness of being by marrying concepts of personal and experienced space with microbial forms. I use color to examine isolation as a feeling and concept and techniques of layering and sanding act as an observation of the passage of time. My paintings are memories as landscapes. They seek to exert the existential drama of recognizing yourself as at once both very small and very large in a world where beauty, love and cruelty are given ambiguous form.