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because home is so challenging to pin down, it seemed like a good topic to research. a good line of inquiry, as ava likes to say. adele prefers the verb investigate. “what is home?” has been a defining question of our partnership from the beginning. is richmond home? charlottesville? virginia? where else? what else? corner office is a home—first it was a physical studio home, and now it’s an amorphous creative collaborative community friendship home. ava thinks it’s like the milky way. adele envisions it as tadpoles wiggling around the edge of a chaotic pond.

as artists, the question of home feels important. what we make and how we make it is strongly linked with place and community, with certain levels of comfort and security (or lack thereof), and with opportunities for work and education. we are faced with questions of rural vs. urban (vs. suburban?!), NYC vs. LA (or fuck em both), to grad school or not to grad school, to hang tight with established communities or leave in search of new friends and lovers. there are residencies and fellowships and teaching positions sending us around the world. when we are far away from all that is familiar or comfortable, often it is our creative practice that shelters us and holds us close.

108 black and white pages
11” x 8.5”
printed at lulu.com
edition of 60