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we are interested in the studio as a physical space—where is it located? what does it look like? is it tidy, clean, organized, or a mess of supplies, tools, scraps, sketches?

we are interested in the studio as an atmosphere or mood and ask artists to describe their studio practice as a party. this encourages artists to imagine both a physical environment as well as an energy and rhythm. what conversations are happening? what music is playing? what’s the lighting like?

we are interested in broader geographical questions—where are artists living and making work? how are they making time and space and money for their work? what larger art communities have they found or formed where they live?

our first printed publication is an attempt to answer some of these questions via artist interviews, studio visit documentation, and artist submissions. 

94 full-color pages
11” x 8.5”
printed at zooom printing in richmond, va on an hp indigo press on finch fine smooth white paper
edition of 60